How does Dr. Brist treat headaches?

Headaches often have both structural and biochemical causes. Dr. Brist's chiropractic examination will pinpoint structural problems, such as a straight or reversed curve of the neck, adhesions or trigger points in the neck or shoulder muscles, or restricted cranial (skull) bones.

However, organ and system malfunctions can produce headaches, as well. For example, many people who have a common but often undetected stomach infection caused by H. pylori bacteria suffer from headaches. A leaky or inflamed digestive tract, a liver that isn't detoxifying properly, hormonal imbalances, and blood stream infections or toxicity can all cause or aggravate headaches.

Food or chemical allergies or sensitivities can also produce headaches, including migraines. The pineal gland, which requires sunlight to function well, can be another source of headaches, especially during our long Minnesota winters.

If chiropractic adjustments, therapy, and exercises don't fully relieve your headaches, Dr. Brist will recommend a Health Scan to help identify underlying root causes for them. During this exam, he will use Muscle Response Testing to help determine the relative function of various organ systems and to relate your symptoms to various organs. If he finds evidence suggesting that an infection, allergy, or other organ or system malfunction is related to your headaches, he will recommend a completely safe, natural, and effective treatment plan to correct the underlying problems--so you can defeat your headaches once and for all.

Headaches don't have to ruin your life. To find a real solution to your headaches, call our office to schedule a chiropractic exam or Health Scan.