Do you seem to "get everything that comes along?"

Do you try to take care of yourself (diet, exercise, etc.) and still find yourself immuno-suppressed?

You might have too much stress in your life, but it's not just about the stress, it's how well you can manage it.

Doctor Brist has found that stressed immune systems often can be located to an emotional source. If you are holding onto negative emotions in certain tissues, you may be more susceptible to infections in those particular areas.

For example:

Let's say that Jane has chronic lung infections.

Jane lost her husband three years ago and has had chronic respiratory problems for the last 2 1/2 years.

She also has negative emotions stored up in her lungs.

Lung emotions tend to be associated with unexpressed sorrow and long-lasting grief.

After Jane underwent emotional/physical release sessions for the grief, she found that her lungs were able to recover. For the most part, now she avoids most respiratory viruses that come along.

Doctor Brist has seen many cases like the (fictional) example above.

If you deal with the negative emotions your body is holding onto--you may find that your bouts of illness become few and far between.