At our office, we call it "brain fog."

Our patients know exactly what we mean!

If you're not able to focus or concentrate like you used to, don't think that means it's time to be "put out to pasture." The fact is, your brain may be reacting to what is going on elsewhere in your body. Clear up the body's problems, and the brain may well return to its previous level of functioning!

Dr. Brist finds that "brain fog" is often a sign of a hidden infection. Yeast, bacteria, or parasites in the digestive tract or blood stream can often produce a multitude of symptoms, including an inability to concentrate. Dr. Brist uses Muscle Response Testing (MRT) to help identify these infections and to tailor a natural treatment program to help eradicate the unwanted "visitors." These microorganisms are often killed more effectively with natural remedies than with drugs, and the natural remedies have no long-lasting negative side effects. Dr. Brist has treated thousands of these types of infections with herbal remedies and nutritional support. His experience means you're less likely to have to go through expensive trial-and-error regimens that waste time and aren't effective.

Obviously, there are other causes of "brain fog," as well. Deficiencies of key nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and anti-oxidants can interfere with mental function. We have a full line of natural products that can help improve your focus and concentration. Whether you're a student, a career person, or a senior citizen, chances are you can boost your brain power naturally. Dr. Brist would love to help you!