There's just no getting around it: Our moods are inextricably connected to our health.

If your digestive tract isn't functioning properly, if you have spikes and troughs of blood sugar levels, if you have a bloodstream infection, or if your gall bladder is congested with stones and parasites, you're probably not going to be a happy camper.

That's why we suggest that everyone suffering from mood swings or anxiety take advantage of Dr. Brist's Health Scan exam and full laboratory work-up. Using Muscle Response Testing (MRT), Dr. Brist will evaluate the relative health of your major organs and body systems to identify areas that need attention. He'll also use a technique called "therapy localization" that helps him pinpoint the underlying causes of your top five symptoms.

For example, therapy localization of your symptoms of anxiety might suggest that adrenal stress, blood sugar irregularities, and an under-functioning pineal gland are contributing to your anxious feelings. Or, for example, therapy localization might indicate that your irritability stems from a yeast infection in the colon.

Dr. Brist has found that many mood disorders correct themselves when underlying health problems are addressed. However, that means getting to the root of those problems and correcting them, not just covering them up with medication.

Once you have improved your overall health condition using natural therapies, or while you are doing so, you may also benefit from specific nutritional supplementation that can help calm your nerves or lift your spirits by helping to balance brain neurotransmitters. These supplements have an advantage over pharmaceutical agents, such as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs), in that they do not deplete your brain of its necessary neurotransmitters. Instead, they provide your brain with the raw materials to make more of what it needs--naturally.

If you or someone you know suffers from irritability, anxiety, or other mood disorders, we encourage you to consider a holistic solution. To schedule a Health Scan and laboratory work-up, call 763-546-9151.