Health Scan Procedures

Because Brist Chiropractic is a holistic wellness center, we use a variety of tools to obtain a broad picture of your physical condition. Lab tests, x-rays, exams, and questionnaires serve as long term measures of your body's health, and provide date to help us formulate a nutritional program designed to fit you.

The health scan is one of the methods we sue to evaluate your body's unique strengths and weaknesses. During the scan, Doctor Brist and his assistant will use applied kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine the strength or weakness of reflex points on your body-reflex points that correspond to organs and other internal systems. At the end of the scan, we will know better how to address your health needs in any future nutritional therapy programs.

The scan takes about 45-60 minutes in total. No fasting is required. It is a completely non-invasive exam. At the end of your appointment, Doctor Brist will assess the results of the scan, and recommend a basic plan for your future care at Brist Chiropractic.

This is the initial step to begin your path to holistic wellness. The second step of this process is having labwork done and the last phase is a one on one meeting with the doctor to review your report of findings.