Nutritional Programs and Phases

At Brist Chiropractic, we understand that embarking on any of Dr. Brist's recommended clinical nutritional programs requires a commitment of time, effort and money. Every person and every program is unique, but we have found that most patients end up following a program fairly similar to the ones outlined below. Depending on your case and your unique needs, Dr. Brist will likely recommend herbals, homeopathics, vitamins, etc., in order to improve your health as quickly as possible. Dr. Brist recommends everything he believes you need to see the best results in the shortest amount of time. However, it is up to you to decide how much and how fast.

H. Pylori Elimination:

This program is designed for those who are infected with a bacterium know as helicobacter pylori. These bacteria are the only known microorganisms that can survive and even thrive in the acidic stomach environment. Their helical or screw-like shape allows them to penetrate the lining of the stomach and lodge there. Researchers have found that many people have H. Pylori in their stomachs even though they do not have ulcers. That doesn't mean that the bacteria aren't hurting them. H. Pylori infection has been associated with such conditions as acne rosacea, allergic sinusitis, iron deficiency anemia, vitamin B-12 deficiency, hives, stomach and duodenal cancer as well as gastritis. It also increases oxidation in the body, which accelerates ageing. Oxidation decreases when the H. Pylori infection is eradicated. We often see chronic headaches, acne, digestive discomfort/pain disappear or diminish dramatically once the H. Pylori has been eliminated. This initial phase will average from 4 to 8 weeks. Supplements which may be recommended include: AlliUltra, AlliMed, Glutagenics, Pyloristat, Ulcinex or Zinlori 75.

Gallbladder Flushes

Many Patients who see Dr. Brist suffer from intestinal parasites. Parasites can spread very quickly, and in a short amount of time completely infest the large intestine. In most cases, unless the parasite has been acquired very recently, the infection has spread into the ductwork of the liver and the gallbladder. Although parasites can be treated in the intestine through drug therapy, the options for removing parasite from the gallbladder are very limited. The most effective way that we have seen is to perform gallbladder flushes. We can kill the parasite in the small and large intestine as much as we like, but the intestines will continue to be re-infested unless the gallbladder system is cleaned out as well. If parasites are not dealt with they can lead to the body being overloaded with toxins, multiply allergies and sensitivities, impair the functioning of the digestive tract, decrease memory/cognition, lead to muscle and joint pain, suppress and impair the function of the immune system. On average the time frame for removing these parasites from the body will average 8 to 10 weeks. During this phase the Doctor may recommend the following supplements: AdvaClear, Fibroplex, Glutamine, Lipogen, LiverCare and Mag Citrate. The average patient will need to complete anywhere from 6 to 12 gallbladder flushes to completely remove the parasites.

Gut Detoxification/Infection Elimination:

During the gut detoxification process we focus on first healing the lining of the intestines (which tend to become inflamed and swollen due to infection/allergies/poor diet, etc.), which is often a major cause of symptoms such as discomfort, cramps, constipation, diarrhea and pain. Unless the source of inflammation is dealt with, the patient will be dependent on a steady influx of the anti-inflammatory supplements/medical foods. The number one source of inflammation we see is parasites and other infectious invaders, like bacteria and fungi/yeast. During the gallbladder flushes, the parasites will be removed from the gallbladder and liver ductwork system. The next step is to eliminate all infections from the small and large intestine. This requires taking herbs and other nutritional supplements and, in cases of fungi/yeast, a significant change in diet. Since each patient has their own unique makeup, this phase will differ from patient to patient. On average this phase can range from 8 to 12 weeks. Supplements which may be recommended include: BioImmune, Candibactin BR, MCT Oil, ParaCleanse, Tanalbit or Total Yeast Redux.

Gut Repair Program:

After all infection have been eliminated from the intestines, it is imperative to re-inoculate the gut with healthy intestinal flora and to repair the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue - the immune system of the gut. These systems are usually in very low working order after an infection has been ruling the roost. If we do not repair these systems immediately following the elimination of the infection, the gut will remain prime real estate - ready to house a new set of infectious organisms. Estimated time to complete this phase is 4 to 6 weeks. Supplements which may be recommended are: Endefen, IgG2000, BioPure Protein, Bifoviden, Lactoviden, Ultra InflamX, Challenge, Usnea Lichen.